Click, Indicator light means the windscreen wipers are in operation on Automatic mode. How do you think about the answers? Check the operation of all the exterior brake light bulbs. If it flashes, an issue has been detected, such as a worn out glow plug. Question 2 of 5: How long can you wait when your battery light comes on? Car lights include: Headlights. My toaster has been billowing black smoke for the past three days? Click, Indicator light turns on when the lane assist system is switched on and road markings can be detected. The engine restarts as soon as you press the clutch. Click, Indicator light means that there is a problem with the vehicle’s traction control. No explanation whatsoever. 5. Is Your Check Engine Light Flashing on the Dashboard? Finding the fusebox . Read more, Check Engine Lights: What to do and How to Fix Errors, Like most car warning lights, the check engine light is a yellow, orange, or red engine symbol that appears on your dash when your car’s system malfunctions. Click, Indicator light means that the brake hold system is functioning properly. Click, Indicator light means the cruise control system is activated. Click, Indicator light means that the car’s charging system is short of power or is not charging properly. Have the air filter replaced or inspected. Regular cleaning can help ensure they remain functional for a... Read more Top 10 Tips to Be a Better Driver at Night. Click, Indicator light means your steering wheel is locked and can not be moved. Scary, right? If the car is still driveable and making no obvious noises, reduce your speed and drive it to your garage. Click. Click, Indicator light means that the vehicle’s overdrive system has been manually turned off. Click, Indicator light means child safety lock is active. Email us at, GOFAR Connecting Cable – 200cm extra long length, GOFAR Custom Connecting Cable – 140cm standard length, Alerts you when your car is sick and tells you how serious it is, Helps you drive smarter and spend up to 30% less on fuel, Free App + easy self-install + no tools needed. What should you do? Which Warning Lights Are Active On Your Dashboard? Indicator light means the pressure is low in one of your tires. Car dash symbols, dashboard lights and their meaning, inlcuding engine temperature warning, check engine warning, battery charge warning, oil … Depending on the problem, the car may make that decision for you by going into so-called limp home, where its speed is reduced almost to a crawl. There are several lights on our cars: indicators that double up as hazard lights, tail lights that sit next to brake lights, and headlights that we can set to different modes. Click, Indicator light turns on when a powertrain or AWD fault has been detected. Click, Indicator light will lit when adaptive headlights are turned on. Indicator light means the engine temperature has exceeded normal limits. If the car stalled while you were at a stop sign or a red light, put on your hazard lights and if you can steer to the side of the road do so. it might be the gear shift linkage binding. Now what? Click, Indicator light means there is an issue with the sensor system. It will be red or amber in color depending on the severity of the message and will remain on until the cause of the message has been rectified. If the bulb is fine, check the fuse box under the hood or dashboard to see if the piece of metal inside the tail light fuse is broken. Click, Indicator lights mean that the tow hitch is unlocked or that there’s an issue with the lighting system. stoplight definition: 1. one of a set of red, yellow, and green lights that control the movement of vehicles, usually at…. A person at an auto parts store suggested putting a new stop light switch in and I have no idea what it does. What does a Stop light Switch do? ! First of all, it just pops on. Click, Indicator light turns on when a vehicle or obstruction is detected in the blind spot. If the light comes up, drive the shortest way to a safe spot to call for towing of your vehicle. b) does not meet the conditions of the lighting equipment endorsement in its vehicle identity card… The engine automatically shuts down. Click, Indicator light means that the vehicle is on a ramp/jack system. Your Your car’s light bulb sockets are protected by lenses, so they won’t get as dirty as they might, but they will still accumulate dirt and grime over the years. Police release cause of Tiger Woods's car wreck, Ex-Playmate shares intimate details about Hefner, 'You're gonna kick me off? Click, Indicator light means that the vehicles TCS (traction control system) has been deactivated. Depending on which type of car you drive, there are a few methods you could use to permanently disable the auto stop-start feature should you decide to do so. Click, Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), Indicator light turns on whenever the engine is turned on to check the bulb. So if you could answer this and/or why the car wont go into gear that would be great!!! We’re talking about that. Move gear lever to neutral. Click, Indicator light will turn on when the normal headlights are in use. Contact your mechanic as soon as possible. This is dangerous and it’s advisable that you stop the car and arrange the vehicle to be recovered. ': Major 'Masked Singer' twist, JPMorgan boss on 'serious weaknesses' of virtual work, Former FSU, Giants receiver charged with murder, Controversial lawmaker raises stunning amount, Singer opens up about drug abuse: 'I had a problem', Justine Bateman: There's nothing wrong with your face, 16 killed, 14 injured in bus crash near U.S.-Mexico border, Track coach charged in alleged nude photo scheme, 'Red notice' issued for MIT grad accused of murder. Click, Indicator light means hazard lights are turned on. Click, Indicator light means PAP (Park Assist Pilot) is activated. So as thousands of cars at stop lights, there will be many people getting out of their vehicle to push the car of pop the hood and will get slammed by passing vehicles. If your car battery is getting drained, the car will stop, and you will not start it again without external power. Stop car & press clutch. Vehicle lighting symbols are connected to your car’s lighting system. Click, Indicator light will turn on when a new message is stored in the information display. The following guide will help you understand which car warning light symbols and indicators can be found on your dashboard for most makes and models of cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes. a stop light switch sends a signal back to the brake lights to come on as soon as you hit the brakes. Older cars had a simple plastic fusebox - sometimes two fuses protected the whole car's electrics. Click, Indicator light means your car’s high beam headlights are on, or if the high beam flash function is used. Read more. Click, Indicator light means that the air flow is distributed between front side window, windscreen and footwell de-misting vents. Click, Indicator light means that the car is running low on fuel and will soon need a refill. Fill the washer fluid reservoir. The engine won't stop till the car is still moving, even if you follow the above steps. And that’s okay, because clearly your car is in trouble. $79.99 - $99.99. If the oil levels are fine, then the oil pump may be faulty. Click, Indicator light turns on when there is reduced airflow to the engine. Low beams provide a light distribution to give adequate forward and lateral illumination without blinding other road users with excessive glare. Click, Indicator light means that oil life has expired. Car Rental. The advanced feature symbols of your car are associated with a special and advanced automotive feature. It also sends a message to the transmission that when pressed allows the car to move from park. Fact: when the check engine light comes on it spells bad news. Click, Indicator light means that the diesel exhaust fluid reservoir is low on fluid. The dashboard light indicates a fault with the car’s airbags. Stoplight definition is - a light on the rear of a motor vehicle that is illuminated when the driver presses the brake pedal. Immediately check the oil level and pressure. Engine may cut-out at any time. You’re driving, when suddenly the dreadful yellow-orange Check Engine Light comes on! What do I do? If you can't, which is likely, call for help. To avoid future problems with your car it is important to check not just the warning lights but also the common vehicle lights. You can sign in to vote the answer. Check coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap, coolant leaks. Click, Indicator light means the Auto High Beam system has switched on high beam headlights. Conspicuitydevices are the lamps and reflectors that make a vehicle conspicuous and visible with respect to its presence, position, direction of travel, change in direction or deceleration. Why Is My Check Engine Light Still There? Drain the water from filter. Click, Indicator light will turn on while the roof is either opening or closing. Press the clutch. In this case call for recovery if you have breakdown cover, as driving any further could damage the engine. It normally indicates a problem with the battery itself or the alternator. Click, Indicator light means that the brake fluid level is low. Release clutch pedal - the engine will stop after 5 seconds. Click, Indicator light turns on when a potential collision is detected. Click, Indicator light will turn on when the Eco function is activated. Click, Indicator light means that the rear window defrost is in operation. Click, Indicator light means there may be a malfunction in the ABS system. Click, Indicator light means a fault with the side airbag. Indicator light means that the engine’s glow plugs are warming up and the engine should not be started until the light goes out. Most states allow you to change your factory car lights to LEDs. Systems like Mazda’s i-Stop - and seemingly 100 other proprietary names for similar bullshit technology. To turn off the steering lock, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to at least the first position while turning the steering wheel in either direction. There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. Learn more. Click, Indicator light means that the diesel fuel filter is full, and needs to be emptied to avoid engine damage. Click. Jump to: Click. Click, Indicator light turns on when the system is activated and helps you maintain a specific speed while driving down a hill. These lights allow the driver to see the roadway in the dark, while also signaling to other motorists that a car is present. Have a look for any obvious oil leaks under the car, and then check the oil levels, topping up if necessary. You probably won’t be able to start the engine. Does reconditioning batteries really work. Click, Indicator light means that the internal ventilation/fan is in operation. Your vehicle’s dashboard light plays an important role. 1. Click, Indicator light means that the speed limiter function is activated. Can You Drive a Car with the Check Engine Light On? Click, Indicator light means there’s an issue with the ignition system or the car key. Click, Indicator light means rear fog lights are on. Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th, 2021 (Eastern Time) and beginning April 20th, 2021 (Eastern Time) the Yahoo Answers website will be in read-only mode. Click. I have a 97 blazer that when you start it will not go into gear. A series of videos from the Tesla community has provided a first look at how the electric car maker’s new Autosteer Stop Light Warning feature works in real-world settings. Click, Indicator light turns on when there is a fault condition in an area of the vehicle chassis systems such as—the anti-lock (ABS) brake system, the traction control (TCS) system, the electronic suspension system, or the brake hydraulic system. A vehicle (eg a vintage or veteran vehicle) does not meet standard stop lamp requirements, and: a) does not have a valid vehicle identity card with a lighting equipment endorsement, or. You’ve got a check engine light warning on your dash. Nighttime Nighttime driving is inherently risky, even with modern automotive headlights. Indicator light means that the window defrost is in operation. These lights indicate an issue with your car that needs either an immediate action or checking. Click, Indicator light turns on if the gas/fuel cap is not properly tightened. You’ll learn whether it is a critical warning that requires immediate attention, or whether you have time to visit a local mechanic. THE KEY QUESTION. Think of cruising through the highway at a great speed and suddenly discovering that you have a stuck throttle! Click, Indicator light turns on when the handbrake is on. Click, Indicator light means any exterior light on your car isn’t working. After that, your car is probably going to stall. Even with the higher prices, in the long run, you will actually end up saving as they last a good long while and need few to no replacements. Click, Indicator light turns on if there is an issue detected with the headlight range control system. Get your answers by asking now. What Are the Most Common Check Engine Light Issues? Click, Indicator light means loss of oil pressure, meaning lubrication is low or lost completely. Basically, if you see the battery light on in your car when it is running, you shouldn’t expect to be able to drive it for very long. Click. Click, Indicator light turns on to inform the driver that Intelligent Stop / Start system is active and the engine has been shut down. You stop at a red light. These symbols are usually blue, green, or yellow in colour. Click, Indicator light means either the AdBlue system is malfunctioning or the system is not filled with the standard liquid. If this lamp lights up or flashes there is a fault in the airbag or seatbelt system. If the filament in the bulb is broken or moves, replace it with a new bulb from an auto store.