New publication! One of the most discussed features of Horizon Europe has been the inclusion of five ‘moonshot’ missions. Closing date 7 March 2017. The Circularity Gap Report 2020, launched in Davos, finds that the world is now only 8.6% circular. Horizons defines what we mean by a sustainable economy – one that operates within safe environmental limits and delivers social value. Pop-Machina is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to highlight and reinforce the links between the maker movement and circular economy in order to promote environmental sustainability and generate socio-economic benefits in European cities. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity to find project partners for future H2020 projects. Horizon 2020 projects discussed their achievements and challenges in advancing innovative business models (e.g. The European Commission has committed over €725 million of Horizon 2020 funding for circular economy related calls in 2016-17. The future research priorities are presented in the Horizon Europe Strategic plan for 2021 -2024. A shift towards circular collaborative ecosystems. NCPs CaRE is the network of NCP for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials. Circular case studies. This brokerage event will focus on the 2020 calls for Horizon 2020 related to the circular economy and transforming industry. NEW HORIZON 2020 PROJECT SUSTAINAIR TO PROVIDE FLIGHT PATH FOR GREEN DEAL TRANSITION. Looking for cooperation partners and funding opportunities for your innovation projects? Innovative Circular Economy Based solutions demonstrating the Efficient recovery of valuable material Resources from the Generation of representative End-of-Life building materials. Annex: How can Horizon 2020 contribute to the circular economy? Circular economy: New regulation for fertilisers. Horizon 2020 for Circular Economy and Transforming Industry. World Circular Economy Forum + Climate. The Taskforce On “Circular Models For Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse In Cities And Regions” is jointly promoted by the European Commission Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and DG Research & Innovation. R2π – tRansition from linear 2 circular: Policy and Innovation is a three-year project within the environment theme of Horizon 2020 (H2020). product-as-a-service, functional sales, take-back schemes, repair, remanufacturing, etc.) The FORCE ACADEMY is the learning platform for Circular Economy and Bioeconomy in the European Union. Horizon 2020: Circular Economy. Partners. Horizon 2020 Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). This is the flagship event of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). These are the core elements of the Horizon 2020 projects Carbon4PUR and CO 2 EXIDE. Sessions. NMP Team is the Network of NCPs for Industrial Mette is the project coordinator for the Horizon 2020 projects, Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities (CIRCuIT) and Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy (FORCE), and before that she managed the LIFE+ project Plastic Zero. Registration closed. The event is built also on the experience from common action of UK, DE and PL NMP … Then this brokerage event is the place to be to learn about the calls, get inspiration from keynotes speakers, find partners and received support from National Contact Points. Register in the profile database and book B2B-speed meetings with researchers and companies specializing in circular economy. Closing date 7 March 2017. Meetings . The plan ensures that research is connected to EU policy, and … Participants. Our expert was on location to gather the latest information for you. Registration NCPs CaRE, NMP Team and the Enterprise Europe Network are joining forces to organise a Brokerage event on 9th October 2019 on “Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry”. The re-use of raw materials has been established as a principle of the Circular Economy Package, which was adopted by the EU in December. Webinaire de présentation du futur appel Horizon 2020 Green Deal, Area 3 Industry for a clean and circular economy. Circular Economy in Horizon 2020. ManuREsource 2021: save the date! Innovations . The transition to Circular Economy requires substantive efforts in research and innovation as well as major investments. Visit Event Website. Event Location … Circular economy is one of the highest priorities within this Work Programme. December 1, 2020; The fifth edition of the ManuREsource conference will take place on November 24-... read more. News & Events. Yet mission-oriented innovation has been influencing another strategic EU policy area for several years: the transition to circular economy (CE). AGENDA 11.00 - 11.50 HOW VEEP SHAPES A CIRCULAR … The Strategic plan aims to create an efficient link between EU policy and Horizon Europe activities. Enabling a Circular Economy: How to encourage a viable agricultural market for n... read more. The EU Horizon 2020 CICERONE project (2018-2021)¹ is developing a platform for EU programme owners (POs, i.e. Horizon 2020 aims to drive development in Europe, to create a sustainable economy and growth. CABRISS is a joint initiative of 16 European companies and research institutes and received approval by the EU’s Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Program. Find out more. The BAMB project is funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020 – the biggest EU Research and Innovation programe ever. Part of this process was the development of the Circular Economy Strategic Home; How it works; Flash presentations; Practical information; Organisers; Supporters; Support; B2B Meetings - How does it work? A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in face-2-face talks. First European Education Summit; Imaginenano 2018 Brokerage event on micro and nanotechnologies; Meet the health R&D and professional ecosystem - MedXperience; Water Market Europe 2018; Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 2018; IMM Industry 4.0 at MachTech&Innotech 2018 - B2B and Open Innovation Challenge; … In this platform you will find resources, online courses and relevant content in the subject. How to get Horizon funding Funding and tenders for the circular economy Report on circular projects funded by Horizon 2020 February 18, 2021; The European Biogas Association has recently released its 2020 statistical repor... read more. 09 Oct 2019 Your client has a project in relations with the circular economy? CIRC-01-2016-2017:Systemic, eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects; CIRC-02-2016-2017:Water in the context of the circular economy; CIRC-03-2016:Smart Specialisation for systemic eco-innovation/circular economy ; CIRC-04-2016:New models and economic incentives for circular economy business; CIRC-05-2016:Unlocking the potential of urban … Industry 2020 in the circular economy: €74 million available for large-scale demonstration projects on the circular economy. This has fallen from 9.1% in the two years since our annual report was first launched in 2018. Event Website Horizon 2020 for Circular Economy and Transforming Industry. Horizon 2020. The event will be held just before the info days on the environment calls in Horizon 2020 organized by the European Commission (8th-9th of November). He/she wants to take part to Horizon 2020? New approaches are addressing the challenges and opportunities of turning our linear “throw-away” society into a Circular Economy, in which recycling processes form the basis of a sustainable production. In a post-COVID19 world, a new H2020 project SUSTAINair is introducing the 4Rs of circular economy for aerospace and aviation sectors: Redesign, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, paving the runway to a more cost-effective, low-carbon economy. 9. Countries. Mette is also a member of Eurocities’ Working Group on Waste and its Task Force on Circular Economy. VEEP has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: ... the experience of VEEP and other H2020 projects promoting circular economy for buildings” co-organised with the “European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Building – EU Build Up” on 9 March 2020. N e ws. Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry #CETI_H2020. It is co-organised by the EU-funded projects NCPs CaRE and NMP Team with support from BioHorizon, C-ENERGY , N4Society and Enterprise Europe Network – Sector Group Environment. 208. Horizons identifies the environmental boundaries that keep our planet in good health, the social and political foundations that enable our societies to flourish, and the essential needs for us human beings to survive and thrive. During the first day of the Skillman International Forum (10-11 December 2020), AER held the webinar ‘Circular Economy: Opportunities and Needs in the Labour Market’. Every year, the European circular economy community from businesses, public authorities, NGOs and civil society organisations gathers to discuss the transition to a circular economy. Funding opportunities and tools for your innovation projects: EEA Norway Grants and Horizon 2020; Matchmaking. Last week in Brussels, the European Commission clarified the recently published Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 for ‘Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials’. About the Event. public funders of programmes related to circular economy) to coordinate and collaborate on priority research and innovation actions. Circular economy represents a development strategy that entails economic growth without increasing consumption of resources, deeply transform production chains and consumption habits and redesign industrial systems at the system level. 163. Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon 2020 through a Joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium 01/01/2014 31/12/2020 Horizon 2020 EJP Cofund 27 MPG: Eurostars 2: Eurostars programme 01/01/2014 31/12/2020 Horizon 2020 Article … It relies on innovation being it technological, social and organisational. From this perspective, Horizon 2020 is the excellent tool to provide incentives for the economic actors to develop and enhance the circular economy system. The objective of the report is to provide a snapshot of the numerous projects resulting from the calls for proposals of 2016-2017 in the Horizon 2020 priorities ‘Industrial leadership’ and ‘Societal Challenges’, that are contributing to the circular economy strategy. Million of euros. The European Commission has drafted a first deliverable regulation of the Circular Economy Package with a boost for organic and waste-based fertilisers. Info Day Horizon 2020 “Health, demographic change and wellbeing” SAVE THE DATE! This NCPs CaRE/NMP Team Brokerage Event offers the perfect opportunity to find partners for the last calls for Horizon 2020 in the field of Circular Economy. This platform is part of the FORCE Project - cities collaborating FOR Circular Economy, a European Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Comission. is a research project funded by Horizon 2020 EU’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks and will support the implementation of the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy. Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy ReTraCE. The aim of the event is to support organisations to access this funding by developing innovative R&D projects. R2π (the R represents the linear “radius” while the π symbolizes the circle) project began in November 2016 and is due to end in October 2019 with a total funding of 3 million Euros. Read more. for the circular economy in key sectors: electrical and electronic equipment, construction, buildings, mobility and energy. Of all the minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass that enter it each year just 8.6% are cycled back.