Later, they appeared from the darkness of the attic when she led them to their quarry. Hellraiser In that time, … Although subsequent sequels retain the retconned nature of the Cenobites as malevolent entities, their presence has been reduced in later installments to serve key narrative moments rather than carry an entire film and story alone, and that the more extreme aspects of their behaviors have been curtailed in favor of more restrained conduct. The prime example is if humans try to shoot a Cenobite with a gun they are unfazed by the attack but the assault rifle used by the Cenobite Atkins can kill a Cenobite easily, in the case of Doomdayer. This character has the most tragic and creepiest of all the Cenobite backstories. The first film, an adaptation of the original novellas, has inspired eight film sequels, only one of which (the second), had any direct involvement by Barker himself. The Cenobites vary in number, appearance, and motivations depending on the medium (film, comic book, etc.) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Elle fut transformée en cénobite par Pinhead, qui transforma alors Bound en même temps. In Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992), it is learned that Spencer's reversion to his human form caused the negative attributes of himself to manifest into an independent entity, which takes the form of Pinhead. While Pinhead might be the most recognizable Cenobite, he is by no means the only one to have some unique defining characteristics. Wiped out by Lucifer when the realm of Hell was destroyed. Hellraiser: Inferno (also known as Hellraiser V: Inferno) is a 2000 American horror film.It is the fifth installment in the Hellraiser series, and the first Hellraiser film to be released direct-to-video.It was directed by Scott Derrickson and released on October 3, 2000. The second film in the Hellraiser franchise, Hellraiser II draws heavily upon (and was made by much of the same cast and crew as) its precursor, Hellraiser, which was released a year prior. They exhibited no discernible morality or immorality, merely the unwavering devotion to their craft. The aptly named "Butterball" was an obese Cenobite who appeared at Pinhead's side in the first two Hellraiser films, what fans consider to be the two best of the series. Demons to some, angels to others.Pinhead, The Hell Priest, in Hellraiser The Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings who are mutilated and brainwashed into torturing humans for all eternity in the Labyrinth. "We have such sights to show you". Hellraiser III focused on the concept of Pinhead's id being separated from his body following his death in Hellraiser II. In the two earlier movies, there was little difference among them until the Dr. Channard Cenobite was created, presenting the ability to generate customized tentacles and spears. Every cenobite's deformity and mutilation, as well as choice of weapon (or lack of) is individual. 7. However, their leather clothing seems to be a standard uniform for all members of The Order of the Gash, whether it be by choice or part of mandatory remains unknown. Leviathan has the power to create any cenobite in any way, shape or form it sees fit to fulfill its purpose. It was metallic almost, blended in with the female Cenobite's voice as well as the voice of the Lord of the Labyrinth. Etymology. According t… Hellraiser Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. When Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and his gang of newly created Cenobites take the streets not even the cops can stop them. Related Topics. However, a series of recurring Cenobite characters were created and a unifying agenda carried many intermittent and continuing story arcs throughout the run. The Cenobites vary in number, appearance, and motivations depending on the medium (film, comic book, etc.) They are revealed to be former humans who have been converted into Cenobites by the supernatural power native to their home dimension; the source of that power is shown to be a deity named Leviathan ("the god of flesh and desire"), which appears as a massive, rotating lozenge with patterns of LeMarchand's box on its panels. Haleigh Foutch is a … They are also mentioned, in passing, in the novel Weaveworld. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The sequel Hellworld involves the fans of a cenobite-themed online group/game apparently also called "Hellraiser". Epic published twenty regular series comics, from 1989 to 1992. Was Once a Man : Every Cenobite was once human, which would later become an inspiration for one Kentaro Miura . Probably one of the best, if not the best hardcore trance label there is available. When the Pinhead character’s inhuman evil manifests in the world in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, it seems to have nearly-unlimited and highly-versatile powers. Introduced in Barker's 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart, they also appear in its semi-sequel novel The Scarlet Gospels, the Hellraiser films, and in Hellraiser comic books published (intermittently) between 1989 and 2017. In 1989, following the success of the Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II movies, Epic Comics began publishing series of comic book spin-offs for the Hellraiser franchise. The Hellraiser comics by Epic explain the origin of the Puzzle Guardian, revealing there is one for every puzzle to Hell. They are mentioned by Immacolata, who calls them "The Surgeons.". Related: Every Cenobite In The Hellraiser Movies. It’s no surprise, of course, as Wilde played the Female Cenobite in Hellraiser II. To be added. She clearly knows what it’s like to spend time in a Cenobite’s skin. Struggling to move on from an abusive boyfriend and the judgment of her classmates, her only comfort is her punk rock girl friend, Alex. The philosophical motivations of the Cenobites change with time and medium. The Cenobites can only be summoned upon the solving of one of the Lemarchand's Boxes, a type of puzzle box that promises pleasures. Romanticized Abuse: The Hellraiser films have this as a component, creeping most viewers out even further. Leviathan is obsessed with law and order, and views the human realm of flesh as chaotic and wrong. The religious aspects of their origins and motivations are ambiguous: despite the presence of the word "Hell" in the franchise, there is no overt reference or iconography linking the Cenobites to any traditional Abrahamic or Eastern depiction of damnation, demonic nature, or Infernal origin, leaving the most likely interpretation to be that to an outside observer, the bizarre and unpleasant properties of the Cenobites' native plane of existence would likely be interpreted to be Hell or "hellish". I always felt that with Cenobite it was "quality over quantity", hence the small number of releases, but every release was awesome, with the exception of some of those odd tracks on The Revelation, but that's my opinion. Director: Rick Bota | Stars: Stelian Urian, Katheryn Winnick, Anna Tolputt, Khary Payton. The term cenobite is a word meaning \"a member of a communal religious order\". Even the Child’s Play movies make Pinhead look like a nonstarter, grossing a total of $126 million to the Hellraiser movies’ $48 million. 1 Stories from the Hellraiser comic book series published by Epic Comics 2 Other Hellraiser comics published by Epic Comics 3 Stories from the Hellraiser comic book series published by BOOM! Studios 4 Other Hellraiser comics published by BOOM! The Cenobites are extradimensional beings who appear in the works of Clive Barker, including the novella The Hellbound Heart and the nine Hellraiser films. In the comics, Hell was depicted as a power working in opposition to other vague, humanistic powers due to a conflict in philosophies regarding otherworldly concepts of order and chaos. A short introductory chapter to the series, showing the first time the Cenobites and the Borg encounter each other. Wrong Turn Writer's Halloween 4 Spinoff Concept Revealed Michael's Origin. DemonsAngelsThe Surgeons Although not part of the Mythos, it is similar enough to be used in the RPG setting. Hellraiser: Every Actor Who Played Pinhead. This is merely a fan site. Cold, calculating, relentless and unforgiving are the words which best describe the Cenobite Lord's behavior. The Cenobites are extradimensional beings who appear in the works of Clive Barker, including the novella The Hellbound Heart and the nine Hellraiser films. Pinhead (Hellraiser) Female Cenobite (Hellraiser) Chatterer Cenobite; Summary. Hellraiser X: Judgment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 0. Hellraiser Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. However, these rebellions were short-lived since almost all the dissidents wound up being killed by their fellow Cenobites. Many labels have good and bad tracks, but not Cenobite Records. Servants of Leviathan Although the original Cenobites are "killed' at the conclusion, the following installment Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth explains that Pinhead was merely divided into two halves: a vastly powerful evil one (Pinhead) and weaker benevolent one (the ghost of his former human self). Beginning with Hellbound: Hellraiser II, the Cenobites take on very distinct changes, and much of their ambiguous nature is eliminated through exposition. Cenobite All Cenobites were once human, with the exception of Angelique, the daughter of the demon god Leviathan. NECA’s Hellraiser Series 2 also saw the company expanding into the more obscure Hellraiser films. Hellbound: Hellraiser II is a 1988 horror film directed by Tony Randel and starring Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Kenneth Cranham and Doug Bradley. Hellraiser VII: Hellworld. If Leviathan, god of Hell, believes the person is worthy to become a Cenobite, they are taken to Hell to be made a Cenobite in a Cenobite Transformation Chamber operated by the Engineer. The alteration is excruciatingly painful as the victim's body is excessively mutilated and their blood is siphoned out of their body to be replace with blue fluid. After being disappointed with the way his material had been treated by producers in Underworld, Barker wrote The Hellbound Heart as his first step in directing a film by himself. While the film was not a fan-favorite (pretty everything after Hellraiser 3 was very sub-par), the Surgeon’s cenobite design was a winner. 1 History 1.1 As A Human: 1.2 As A Cenobite 2 Description 2.1 Appearance 3 Trivia 4 Appearences 5 Gallery 6 Navigation Daniel Fisher's previous life was a camera man for a news station with his friend Joey Summerskill, who was a reporter. The physical compositions of the Cenobites gives them each a number of unique abilities, but there are a few traits common or standard to all. Hellraiser IX: Revelations. Status More: Every Cenobite In The Hellraiser Movies. The Cenobites vary in number, appearance, and motivations depending on the medium (film, comic book, etc.) This was the last Hellraiser film to be released in theatres. The Cenobites all have horrific mutilations and/or body piercings, and wear fetishistic black leather clothing that often resembles butchery garments or religious vestments. Hellraiser IV: Bloodline is a 1996 horror film and the fourth installment in the Hellraiser series, which serves as both a prequel and a sequel. I’ll leave you now in the capable hands of the site’s resident Cenobite junkie, Katie Rife. "We have such sights to show you". As a young boy, he solved the puzzle of the box and fell prey to the bloody horrors of the Cenobites. Hellraiser is a horror classic, but the movie wouldn't be nearly as memorable if it wasn't for Pinhead. When finished, what emerges is a twisted caricature of the original person, often tailored with perversions of aspects from his or her original persona (Dr. Channard's Cenobite persona had surgical tools emerging from its hands and a giant lobotomy drill constantly vivisecting its brain, for example). The Cenobites are immune to any kind of mortal weapon or attack used against them, unless the weapon is used by another Cenobite. They acquired more traditional demonic attributes and designations as beings of Hell in the later incarnations, particularly the comic books. A Cenobite Bee. Although never expounded upon by their writers with any definite clarity, the philosophy held by Hell and its god Leviathan is depicted as a militant belief in "order" that finds the humanistic aspects of flesh to be a hindrance or obstacle to it; apparently, suffering is viewed as having a cosmic, universal truth and importance to this order, and the Cenobites' concepts of pleasure and application of it through torture are seen as bringing order to the flesh. He only appears in Hellraiser: Hell on Earth where he is sent back to Hell and never seen again. Leviathan's true origin is unknown, though given its many millennia of existence and rule over the Cenobites and Hell, some believe that it is possibly the fallen angel from the Bible. By Andrew Housman Published Dec 02, 2020 Hellraiser is a horror classic, but the movie wouldn't be nearly as memorable if it wasn't for Pinhead. Romanticized Abuse: The Hellraiser films have this as a component, creeping most viewers out even further. Portrayed By The Hellbound Heart is a horror novella by Clive Barker, first published in November 1986 by Dark Harvest in the third volume in its Night Visions anthology series. "The Sculptress" is a placeholder name for a Cenobite whose duty it was to manipulate flesh into new and innovative forms of artwork. The Female Cenobite (fancy name! Profession In fact, the Cenobites originally exhibited amoral personalities--neither demonstrably malicious or beneficent--displaying a depraved indifference or lack of empathy towards their victims. Share Share Tweet Email. The most common form for these artifacts is that of an inconspicuous-looking puzzle box called the Lament Configuration. The Sculptress was a cenobite who created preverse and unique works of art out of flesh that was delivered to her by the "Delivery Boy". Only a year after The Hellbound Heart was published, Clive Barker expanded on the mythology of his novella by adapting it to the big screen in the cult horror film Hellraiser. In any case, he creates a number of Cenobites in both the third and fourth movies that have powers unique to their forms, such as a man that launches razor-edged CDs, a pair of twins that can crush people between their bodies, a man with a pneumatic camera eye that can impale targets, and so forth. 0. Hell's Army Aliases The franchise is based on the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, who would go on to write and direct the adaptation of his story, titled Hellraiser.The films, as well as the comic book series, continually features the Cenobite Pinhead. Hellraiser III and Hellraiser: Bloodline display the most drastic change in the Cenobites, characterizing them--Pinhead in particular--as supervillains intent on world domination and torturing all of humanity for their own gleefully sadistic enjoyment. All Cenobites were once human, with the exception of Angelique, the daughter of the demon god Leviathan. All use of art, names and descriptions includes full attribution and links to the original source. Struggling to move on from an abusive boyfriend and the judgment of her classmates, her only comfort is her punk rock girl friend, Alex. They lived in Hell's meadow in a hollow filled with the members of the Johnson family line. Various Actors & Actresses, The Cenobites are extra dimensional beings who exist in an extra-dimensional realm and are present in Clive Barker's writings The Hellbound Heart, The Scarlet Gospels and nine Hellraiser films. The Delivery Boy one day brought The Sculptress a man who had only recently unlocked a puzzle box and was taken to Hell to experience his wildest desires. If the person is not deemed worthy, the human will either still be taken into Hell, where they will spend all eternity in Hell's prison, or be destroyed on the spot. Between Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 and Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Kirsty found the time to get married, and seemingly try to live a normal life. Hellraiser: Bloodline attempted to connect the Cenobites to Western concepts of evil with the introduction of Angelique (Valentina Vargas), a denizen of Hell who embodied many traits of a succubus and adopted a more traditionally hedonistic lifestyle on Earth for many centuries; a crucial subplot to the film indicated that Hell underwent a purist revolution of sorts during her absence, and that her disapproval of the newer austere way prompts her to resist by sabotaging Pinhead's master plan. In Hellraiser, the lead Cenobite informs Kirsty Cotton that the Cenobites have been identified as both angels and demons by those they have encountered, and that the Cenobites merely see themselves as "explorers." This unbound Cenobite seeks to spread pure chaos at every turn, with no sense of Hell's code of honor to guide To be added. Personal Status The original three male Cenobites were dubbed "Pinhead", "Chatterer", and "Butterball" and the one female Cenobite  called "Open/Deep Throat". Though not entirely confirmed, they seem to be able to summon forth their chains from any nearby shadows. Instead of using a stub template, make the page better! They all appear to be telekinetic to a degree, able to control the hooked chains that are their trademark weapon of choice, as well as snatch small objects at a distance (as Angelique recovered the box in Hellraiser: Bloodline). In the novel Weaveworld, they are mentioned in passing as "The Surgeons." The procedure breaks the subject's mind completely to the point the transformed victims completely void of their memories in their past life as human. All Cenobites are bound to the Lemarchand boxes and subject to their rules: a box had to be opened for a Cenobite to attack, and only the one who had opened the box was a legitimate target (innocents tricked into opening the box, such as Tiffany, were not considered valid victims). Portrayal Debut Michael Kennedy (3826 Articles Published) Michael Kennedy is an avid movie and TV fan that's been working for Screen Rant in various capacities since 2014. From the Cenobite's point of view, Kirsty is the one who violated the bargain by refusing to give up Frank, who she had promised to them eariler). But who are the faces behind the lead Cenobite? Cenobite Pets are often grotesque beings created from the flesh of multiple souls, they are trained to be completely subserviant, but on occasion will express views harkening to their former identity. As the film and comic books series progressed, the Cenobites--particularly Pinhead--began to manifest traditionally evil and sinister traits, due likely in part to an attempt to streamline them into a more mainstream characterization of horror archetypes. Camerahead is a Pseudo Cenobite made from Doc Fisher. Thorne goes in search of the Engineer, who in turn begins murdering Thorne's friends and associates, leaving behind one of the child's fingers at every crime scene. Hellraiser is most known for its iconic villain, the menacing and enigmatic Pinhead. The film concerns a corrupt detective who discovers Lemarchand's box at a crime scene. Humans can actually kill and vanquish Cenobites if they possess holy, magical weapons or an artifact, like in the case of Dr Paul Merchant who permanently kills Pinhead and all his cenobite cohorts using the Elysium Configuration. Struggling to move on from an abusive boyfriend and the judgment of her classmates, her only comfort is her punk rock This unbound Cenobite seeks to spread pure chaos at every turn, with no sense of Hell's code of honor to guide his actions. Every night, the same song plays, and every night she is awoken by the sight of a bloody, screaming corpse. 1 Description 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 History 2.1 1528 2.1.1 On These Blue Depths Lie Hell 2.2 1973 2.2.1 Homecoming 2.3 1990 2.3.1 Driver's Hands 2 Hellraiser's Kirsty Cotton is one of the most memorable protagonists in 1980s horror, and here's what happened to her after Hellbound: Hellraiser 2. After being released from the Pillar of Souls, Pinhead walks into J.P. Monroe's popular nightclub and lays waste to everyone within. Cenobite (Hellraiser) Language; Watch; Edit ; The Cenobites are fictional extra-dimensional, seemingly demonic beings who appear in the works of Clive Barker. Escher's Relativity lithograph, with Leviathan levitating above its center. The Voiceless: Every Cenobite (except Pinhead) that appears after Bloodline. The novel version "We have such sights to show you". The term cenobite is a word meaning "a member of a communal religious order"; The Hellbound Heart specifies that they are members of The Order of the Gash. He can telekinetically control vast areas, transmute matter, create and control fire (pyrokinesis), and animate objects. Comment. "There are conditions of the nerve endings the like of which your imagination, however fevered, could not hope to evoke.". In their original incarnation, they manifested as devoted followers of a supernatural hedonism with unorthodox definitions of pleasure; although vaguely described, this form of pleasure endorsed by the Cenobites involved two distinct forms: the expansion of sensation to an extremely painful point of sensory overload, and enduring excruciating pain through incessant tortures that transcend traditional laws of physics. Every night, the same song plays, and every night she is awoken by the sight of a bloody, screaming corpse. Hellraiser, the sequel movies, the graphic novels and the toys and merchandise associated with Clive Barker's Hellraiser mythos are copyrighted, trademarked, licensed properties. It uses the Cenobites as its foot soldiers in the war against chaos and flesh. The Heavy: Plays a major role in every Hellraiser installment. Share Share Tweet Email. The Labyrinth which it presides over represents the maze of the mind. Hellraiser is a British horror franchise that consists of ten films, a series of comic books, as well as merchandise based on the series. The clothing also serves to support their piercings and tools. She does not know that the man masquerading as her father downstairs is actually her uncle Frank. When He spoke, every Cenobite shuddered in delight and … By Andrew Housman Published Dec 02, 2020. Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002) Hellseeker sees the return of Hellraiser’s original final girl, Kirsty Cotton, in a ridiculously twisty mystery movie. So far the only beings that can injure or kill a Cenobite are the Cenobites themselves, supernatural creatures, or a high-tier deity such as Leviathan's sister or Leviathan himself, in case any Cenobites upset him. —A.A. Occupation They are also mentioned, in passing, in the novel Weaveworld, in which they are referred to as "The Surgeons." To be added. Explorers in the further regions of experience. Debut Hellraiser is a series based on Clive Barker's novella "The Hellbound Heart".The novella has a novel-length sequel, The Scarlet Gospels by Barker himself, but the movies based on the novella have garnered the most attention. When a damned soul first lays eyes on Leviathan, it appears rather innocuous; a simple and perfect geometric shape spinning at the center of its world - his world. Individual abilities vary widely. Although Pinhead was one of these recurring characters, his presence was eclipsed by a number of other prominent Cenobites (particularly one known as "Hunger" due to his cachectic appearance) who acted as antagonists and protagonists. The involvement of multiple parties in the production of Hellraiser films and comics (many eschewing the creative supervision of Clive Barker) have led to varying levels of consistency regarding the canonical aspects of their philosophies and abilities. Note: Large, diamond tipped stinger. Part 1 of The Borg-Cenobite War; Language: English Words: 1,014 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 Hits: 12 Votes: 9,910 Among the team was Bob Keen and Geoff Portass at Image Animation and Jane Wildgoose, a costume designer who was requested to make a series of costumes for 4-5 'super-butchers' while refining the scarification designs with Image Animation: Barker drew inspiration for the cenobite designs from punk fashion, Catholicism (the overall design is a modified cassock, the traditional garment of a Catholic priest until the sixties) and by the visits he took to S & M clubs in New York and Amsterdam.